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Biotherapy & biotechnology

Robots are managing the process for human cell based medicine

Biotherapy, including Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products, is the process of drug production based on human cells. Many biotech companies already use this trend for vaccine manufacturing. A robot is able to manage the whole process, including human cell modification, combining active ingredients, and then finally conditioning to be delivered back to the patient. The manufacturing guideline is now regulated by the FDA, and cleanability of the equipment is required as the environment of such chambers are highly monitored to ensure product quality.

Main applications

  • Cell culturing
  • Cell factory
  • Cell & gene therapy
  • 3D bio printing
  • Pipetting
  • Tracking
  • Filling
  • Shaking
  • Cleaning
Biotherapy 3D line

Large scale of bio production managed by Stericlean robot during their cell culturing steps

Harvest of Cell Culturing managed by TX2-160 Stericlean

Small Batch of Cell Therapy by TX2-60 stericlean

TX2-90 Stericlean during shaking, process of cell culturing

Pipetting application by TX2-40 Stericlean

Conditioning of Biotherapy by TX2-90, filling of IV-Bags

Manual wipe cleaning of a TX2-160 Stericlean

❝ Robotics will help the scalability of production of personalized medicine with the goal of reducing cost for the patient. ❞
Rudolf Michael Weiss | Global Head of Pharma Robotics

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