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Customized solutions - Manual connection

The modular design of Stäubli’s simple and robust customized manual multiconnections leads to easy installations. These are designed and made based on specifications drawn in collaboration with Stäubli’s teams according to specific parameters from customers’ applications:

  • Connection frequency
  • Number of circuits to be connected
  • Types of circuits 
  • Dimensions and accessibility
  • Specific environmental constraints: temperature, climate conditions, marine environment, etc. 

With its various types of locking options, Stäubli multi-connectors adapt to all types of situations.

Stäubli’s solutions are designed and made using standard components according to the customer’s needed specifications:

  • Modular electrical connectors and fluid couplings,
  • Connection and locking systems,
  • Guide and float-mounting components. 


Simultaneous connection of all circuits.



  • Injection presses
  • PET



  • Engine test benches (cold or hot)
  • Stamping - Hydroforming
  • Aluminum casting



Power converters


Steel industry

Rolling mills



  • Engine test benches
  • wings and fuselage, etc.
Fluids Construction Technical specifications
  • Pneumatic
  • Gas
  • Low and high pressure hydraulic
  • Power and electrical signals
  • etc.
Various options, based on the application Based on customer requirements

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Customized automatic

Customized connection solutions with automatic locking system for centralized connection of all circuits.


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