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Reliability and availability of rolling stock

Connection solutions for the railway industry

Whether for compressed air, hydraulic or other applications, Stäubli specializes in quick release couplings for the railway industry, offering reliable connection solutions for all types of trainslocomotives and trams.

Our products encompass all applications and media, from compressed air to hydraulic fluids, and from cooling systems to fill-and-drain as well as customized connection solutions.

All are designed to withstand the most demanding mechanical and climatic conditions.


Inter-body connection

Pneumatic quick-release couplings for air lines.

Draining, filling, fluid level checks

Hydraulic quick-release couplings for tanks, sumps, gearboxes and motor axles.

Braking and suspension

Pneumatic quick-release couplings for pressure readings and levelling tests.

Car / Bogie / Engine or Carrier connections

Pneumatic connections for flanged-lubricating devices, braking circuits ; hydraulic quick-release couplings for brake calipers, accumulators and hydraulic pressure units ; multi-connection systems for quick bogie connections.

Pantograph systems

Pneumatic quick-release couplings.

Battery pack cooling

Quick-release couplings for battery cooling.


Quick-release couplings for engine cooling systems.

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