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Operational continuity & high availability of installations guaranteed

Connection solutions for IT and Broadcasting

Digitalization means a massive and ongoing escalation in online activity and data flow. Ever-increasing computing power comes with a growing need for data protection and vast storage capacity. The energy involved means liquid cooling is no longer a nice option but a necessity. Non-spill connection technology allows hot swapping (changing blades and racks without stopping the installation), making maintenance easier and protecting IT systems. Perfectly integrated from the start, Stäubli quick-release couplings guarantee operational continuity and high availability of installations. Completely reliable and non-drip, our connection solutions increase the safety and performance of installations: computer and electronic systems, supercomputers, data-center water cooling, telecommunications and broadcasting.


The high availability of data centers is essential.
How can you guarantee it?
The answer is in our new white paper:


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Date center  - IT and broadcasting

Heat exchanger

Clean break connection solutions dedicated to heat dissipation.

Water facility - Chiller

High flow couplings for data center water treatment

Manifold manual connection

Ranges of compact couplings, for electronics cooling, at blade level, adapted to connect cold plate

Manifold blind mate connection

Ranges of couplings for electronic cooling for blind mate connection at blade level.

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How introducing liquid cooling of electronics can be challenging for data centers

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Fujitsu - Fugaku Data Centers

Supercomputers and data centers operate very much behind the scenes, yet they play an important role in many aspects of our lives.

Cool IT

As they began architecting solutions for data centers, CoolIT recognized the myriad benefits of liquid cooling but were in need of a highly reliable, fail-safe mechanism for extracting and installing servers within a liquid-cooled ecosystem.