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Highly stable performance over 300’000 km of high speed

High current transmission, compact design, low weight and strong vibration resistance are crucial in all transportation industries. These needs are perfectly met by our products for rolling stock applications in railway and infrastructure connections. Whenever safe and reliable power, data, signal or fluid connections are required to support the systems in these innovative railway projects, Stäubli Electrical Connectors is a welcome technology partner. Benefitting from Stäubli’s vast portfolio of powerful, high-performing and most dependable connection components, customers appreciate the company’s broad experience in the industry as well as the many Stäubli experts around the world partnering with railway engineers to develop the most suitable and most efficient connection solution.

As a train operator, safety, reliability, durability, and economic efficiency are key for customized solutions. That’s where proven quality, based on extensive and reported test procedures and experience comes in. We have always placed a high value on a combination of exploring field data, test procedures by customer specifications and long-term in-house testing to guarantee quality and durability. This passion for quality and the track record of successful rail projects are the basis of Stäubli’s industry experience, which make our specialists experienced project partners for innovative railway projects.

Our products offer high current-carrying capacity, a compact and space-saving design, and are perfect for use in hard-to-access locations. We specialize in customer-specific solutions and see ourselves as a solution provider and partner for innovative, high-performance, lightweight and streamlined solutions specifically for harsh environments that meet your needs.

We can create a customer-specific solution designed entirely to meet your specific requirements.

Power converter

- Insulated and uninsulated fork connectors for quick connections to bays and modular power electrical connectors for converter inputs / outputs

Trainset coupling systems

Multi-pole electrical connectors for extreme environments and electrical contacts for automatic couplers

Grounding solutions

Electric hinges between boxes / cabinets and doors, grounding block with distribution


Modular power electrical connectors for inputs/outputs

Control systems

Modular system for the electrical connection of control or communication systems

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Reliable contact technology for the world's largets network of high-speed trains: Stäubli supplies high-power connectors for traction converters that find use in the newest generation of trains.