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Jacquard machines LX 12, LX 32, LX 62 for ribbons and labels

The electronic Jacquard machines LX 12, LX 32 and LX 62 are particularly suitable for weaving narrow fabrics such as ribbons and labels on all types of needle loom.

These Jacquard machines achieve excellent results with nearly all applications involving narrow fabrics, whether labels, decorative ribbons, belts for technical requirements, trimmings or elastic ribbons for lingerie.


  • Easy to adapt and versatile
  • Low profile and judicious location of the perforated plate
  • Safe, straightforward access for making machine adjustments
  • Precision balanced lifting mechanism
  • Quick fitting and removal of the harness
  • User-friendly programming and control
  • Minimal, straightforward maintenance


LX 12

LX 32

LX 62

Field of application Needle weaving machines
Fabric suitability All types of narrow fabrics
Principle of operation Double-lift open-shed Jacquard machine with crank drive, inclined shed and high-accuracy shed setting
Electronic control Independent Stäubli TC8N control unit, synchronized with the weaving machine

Available formats

192 hooks

448 hooks

896 hooks

Modules MX or MXV

Main features

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