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KBH high-performance solution with low temperature properties

The KBH breakaway couplings was particularly developed for low temperature applications / cryogenics and provides high flow rate with a maximum level of safety.

Using this breakaway coupling offers protection across the entire temperature range from -196 °C to +65°C.

Thanks to the breaking pins technology, the KBH separate the line at a defined tensile load.The two coupling halves are equipped with a non-return valve each that allows to close the line impermeably when it is separated and to exclude that the fluid escapes into the environment.


  • Loading processes by means of hose lines
  • LNG loading / unloading operations
Technical specifications Fluids Construction
  • Nominal diameter DN (mm):                 
    • KBH20-DN25 for DN 25 (1’’) hoses
    • KBH20-DN32 for DN 32 (1 1/4’’) hoses
    • KBH35-DN40 for DN 40 (1 1/2’’) hoses
    • KBH35-DN50 for DN 50 (2’’) hoses
    • KBH60-DN65 for DN 65 (2 1/2’’) hoses
    • KBH60-DN80 for DN 80 (3’’) hoses
    • KBH75-DN100 for DN 100 (4’’) hoses


  • Maximum allowable pressure PS (bar)*: 25 (636 PSI)

Cryogenic media such as liquified gases with very low temperatures (e.g. LNG).

Mainly stainless steel.

*depending on the model and operating conditions

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