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A pre-assembled connection solution for tailor-made AGVs

A company specialized in the development and construction of individual, mobile transport platforms, based in the Nuremberg metropolitan area, relies on robust connectors from the experts for power transmission in its electric drive systems. Stäubli Electrical Connectors’ customized pre-assembled cables and its modular, high-performance CombiTac system provides unrestricted flexibility in driving and maneuvering, as well as failsafe operation of the mobile logistic platforms.

Customized transport systems

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are an integral part of fully-automated production and logistics processes. They must work in a wide variety of environments, function under precise control, have an extremely high load capacity depending on use, and offer reliable long-term operation.
Over a period of decades, the Wittich family has established a company in the Nuremberg metropolitan area that specializes in the construction of custom machinery and mobile platforms. The company has been part of the Stäubli Group since 2018 and today operates under the name Stäubli WFT GmbH.

Based on its own WFTM.I.T. (Mobile Individual Transportation) systems, the highly-motivated team of specialists develops technologically advanced platforms for automated transport. The customer base for these custom-made machines includes well-known industrial businesses throughout Europe, from airplane construction firms to manufacturers of agricultural machinery, rail vehicles and compressors.

The various types of drive systems of the WFTM.I.T. allow them to carry loads of up to 500 tons. If necessary, multiple M.I.T. systems can be easily combined into one large platform, so that even very large loads can be transported when the systems operate in conjunction.

The innovative drive technology provides unrestricted flexibility and control in all directions. As a result, the WFTM.I.T. systems can be used in an almost unlimited number of ways, since the vehicles can also effortlessly handle factory hall entrances and exits. They can be controlled precisely and conveniently with a mobile control panel or joystick, or automatically by means of various track guidance systems. Their environmentally-friendly electric drive systems, with specially customized battery capacities and integrated regenerative braking, are quiet and emission-free.

Flexible, failsafe connections

A secure connection for transmitting power to drive systems requires a high-performance, vibration-resistant connector with flexible connection cables.

Not only was the CombiTac modular connector system from Stäubli readily adapted to WFT’s specific needs, it’s also extremely robust and offers high current-carrying capacity, thanks to Stäubli’s innovative MULTILAM contact technology. Connecting multiple drive axles to the control cabinet on the base frame required flexible wiring to allow a 360° range of motion in all directions, while also ensuring a failsafe connection. In discussions with Stäubli Electrical Connectors during the project development phase also the complete wiring specification was fine-tuned, so the CombiTac solution is delivered with pre-assembled wiring harnesses from about 20 inches to almost 40 feet in length. This shortens installation times while also eliminating sources of error during assembly, thereby ensuring smooth operation in customer applications without limiting maneuverability. The required cable length can vary from one WFTM.I.T. design to the next, and Stäubli flexibly adapts its assembled supply as needed.

From custom production to standard model

“The use of pre-assembled cables for the implemented CombiTac solution, and Stäubli’s flexibility on the lengths and cross-sections that are needed for the cable design, improves our production quality and increases the reliability of our WFTMITs,” explains Manuel Schäffer, design manager. “Based on our positive experience with CombiTac connectors and pre-assembled cables for the first small batch of M.I.T.s, we decided to go with this type of connection as the standard for all the other MITs in our portfolio as well.”


CombiTac with pre-assembled cables for the electrical connection between power supply and a variable number of drives, distributed to various axles beneath the platform.

  • Vibration-resistant
  • Reliable installation
  • Flexible cable length
  • Immune to interference from electromagnetic effects


  • Quick installation time for an efficient assembly process
  • Secure and reliable connection ensures smooth operation
  • Custom pre-assembly for unrestricted freedom of movement


For their individual, mobile transport platforms, the specialist from the Nuremberg region relies on robust Stäubli connectors to transmit the power in its electric drive systems.

Stäubli CombiTac system with pre-assembled, custom-made wiring harnesses


For their individual, mobile transport platforms, the specialist from the Nuremberg region relies on robust Stäubli connectors to transmit the power in its electric drive systems.

Pre-assembled cables from Stäubli in the base frame of a WFTM.I.T with four-axle drive


For their individual, mobile transport platforms, the specialist from the Nuremberg region relies on robust Stäubli connectors to transmit the power in its electric drive systems.

AGV units from WFT can move loads of up to 500 metric tons