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Automatic rapid charging solution

Universal charging solution for electric vehicles without environmental restrictions

In the future, automated charging will become more and more important, as the degree of automation and number of autonomous vehicles increases throughout all industries. With QCC, Stäubli already offers a versatile solution that combines high charging power in the mega-watt range with a high degree of safety even under the most demanding environmental conditions, thus making transportation tasks efficient, quiet, and free of local emissions. Ultra-fast charging with very few interruptions drastically reduces the need for large energy storage. In addition, automated charging makes the charging experience even more comfortable as it allows drivers to remain in their car, while eliminating the need to plug in manually and thus the possibility for misuse or damage of handheld connectors that can come with it. 

In all applications, injury protection is key. Therefore, our systems not only have complete touch protection to eliminate the risk of electric shock, but they also come standard with a so-called “safe mode”. This reduces the plug extension force until the plug has actually been connected with the socket. Only then full contact force is exerted, further helping to prevent damage or injury if someone or something were to come between the charging station and the vehicle.  

The self-cleaning MULTILAM contact technology helps keep mating surfaces clean before, during and after mating with an optional pneumatic self-cleaning feature that sends a burst of air through the connection to remove any debris.  

Robust design which is aesthetically pleasing and easy to incorporate into both infrastructure and vehicle for a safe and fast transmission of high power (with a minimum contact resistance for guaranteed high efficiency). Thanks to the flexible use it can be installed directly at the desired height and any vehicle side. Stäubli’s QCC-system is the new standard for automatic high-power charging.


PSA Singapore is constructing a new mega port at Tuas featuring totally automated terminal operations.

Customer specific electrical connectors

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