S3000 / S3200 rotary dobbies for patterned fabrics

The electronically controlled rotary dobbies of the third generation S3000 / S3200 are suitable for producing all types of patterned fabrics. The dobbies are matched to the performance required from the weaving machine, taking the weaving parameters into account.

The range consists of:

  • S3020 and S3224 which can be installed in the low position on rapier weaving machines,
  • S3060 which can be installed in the low position on rapier weaving machines and on air-jet weaving machines,
  • S3220, S3222, S3260 which can be installed in the low position on air-jet weaving machines,
  • S3061 and S3062 which can be installed in the high position on water-jet weaving machines.


Our new S3000 / S3200 electronically controlled rotary dobbies are built for very high performance. They work on a new Stäubli rotation principle, and are the result of long engineering design experience and intensive research and development work.

The new system of selection by locking includes parts of reduced inertia, which optimizes selection and increases security. It also guarantees movement with absolutely zero backlash regardless of the operating load or speed. Thanks to its modular and optimized design, and its reading-in system with fixed electromagnetic bar, noise and vibrations are reduced considerably. Its high precision, robust construction, exceptional reliability and unparalleled service life are further distinguishing features.


  • Robust monobloc housing
  • Modular construction to enhance accessibility
  • Highest quality components
  • Considerably increased load capacity, resilience and reliability
  • Shed opening simple to adjust
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Circulation and oil temperature monitored electronically
  • Fine filter integrated in housing
  • Integrated control box
  • Cooling system (S3260)
  • New maintenance-free harness motion e32/e33 or de82/de83 for high performance

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