Our innovation – your success: Stäubli's Jacquard range

The world of Stäubli Jacquard machines is a fascinating one. Throughout the entire world, countless weaving mills produce innovative high-quality fabrics with these reliable multipurpose machines. The variety ranges from the finest silks to the most complex technical textiles and original decorative fabrics.

Stäubli Jacquard machines with electronic controls are high-performance machines, benefiting from our many years of technical experience. They are distinguished by their high performance characteristics, the quality of the materials used in their construction, and their impressive service life. Stäubli Jacquard machines include a complete range of formats, ranging from 64 to 30720 hooks, for producing all types of fabric. 

Stäubli allows you to get the maximum performance from Jacquard machines by offering custom harnesses, while offering our innovation and know-how to all weaving mills at the international level.

CX 182 / LX 32 / LX 62

Jacquard machines for ribbons and labels

CX 172 / CX 182

Jacquard machines for written selvedges and fabric inscriptions

LX 1602 / LX 3202

Jacquard machines for flat fabrics and terry cloth


Jacquard machines for flat fabrics and terry cloth


The first "open system" machine free of mechanical constraints, for all types of weaving machines


Jacquard machine for labels and name selvedges on fabric.

SX V / LX 1692 / LX 3292

Jacquard machines for velvet fabrics


Harnesses and harness accessories for Jacquard machines