ALPHA 500 series
Carpet weaving systems featuring lastest innovations

Maximum flexibility for different carpet sizes up to 5.3 m weaving width. The ALPHA 500 series carpet weaving machines are state of the art solutions for producing any kind of area rugs and wall-to-wall carpets. Typical applications cover the residential, contract and transportation sector.


The carpet weaving machine for producing area rugs and wall to wall carpets with highest flexibility


The carpet weaving machine for producing high-density carpets

Magic Weft Effect

Innovative patterns on the carpet ground can be produced with this weave structure. Different weft colours are visible along one pick line.


The ALPHA 500 UNIVERSAL has been developed for customers who have highest flexibility on different carpet sizes up to 5.3 m weaving width. All common pile materials can be woven. High densities and carpets with up to 2 mio. points can be produced. Due to the possible double and triple point technique up to 92 colour combinations can be realized on an 8 frame machine. Depending on the reed density up to 14 colours are possible. Equipped with the Rotary Dobby, type 2688 and the Stäubli Jacquard machine LX 2493 binding changes can be realized within a few seconds a huge amount of binding combinations can be chosen.

Technical parameters

Optional carpet effects for unlimited creativity

Max. number of
piles threads
Jacquard format
A = 6720, B = 8448
13440A + A
15168A + B
16896B + B
20160A + A + A
25344B + B + B
26880A + A + A + A
33792B + B + B + B
Main characteristicsALPHA 500 UNIVERSAL
Functional principleDouble rapier system with take-over on top, direct drive technology.
ControlOne multi-colour touchscreen interface for the whole system; data transfer between weaving machine, Jacquard machine, dobby and warp-beam stand by Ethernet-based real-time bus; energy recuperation.
Shed formation of pile yarnElectronically controlled Stäubli 3-position Jacquard machine type LX 2493; heavy-duty bearings, gearbox and coaxial shaft system; optimized M6T modules; up to 4 Jacquard heads on top of one loom; heavy-duty filters; Quick Link harness connection; optional liquid-cooled servo drive.
Shed formation of ground warpElectronically controlled rotary dobby 2688 with 12 harness frames.
MaintenanceCentralized liquid-cooled lubrication system; maintenance intervals are electronically monitored and displayed. Remote diagnostics are possible.

Customer support

Outstanding customer support is the best foundation for a successful partnership. This is why Schönherr carpet systems pays careful attention to maintaining high service standards. Consultation, sales, customer advisory, maintenance and training are the most important parts of our service. We constantly improve our organizational methods and continuously train our staff.

Our customer support organization is characterized by:

  • Decentralized sales and project supervision
  • Conception by experienced engineers
  • In-house control box production
  • In-house hardware and software development
  • Internet services
  • In-house and onsite training programs