TX250 paint robot

The TX250 paint series makes the difference, thanks to better process control via PaintiXen Advanced Control Software, which allows the control of any paint parameter, an increase in paint and solvent savings (+30% transfer rate), a high quality trajectory and high flexibility, allowing the management of parts of complex/multiple sizes, and increased throughput.



Hollow wrist

All painting equipment fits inside the arm.
Reduced contamination risks.

Multiple applications

For plastic, wood or metallic parts. Application of primers, undercoats or varnishes. Adapted to solvents, water or powder paints.


Europe (CE)
Pending for USA/Canada (FM-CSA) and Japan (TIIS)

PaintiXen software

This software provides simplified robot use and programming for conventional water-based and powder painting applications as well as electrostatic applications.


Simulation makes it possible to define the robot model, its position, cycle time and possible collisions.

Cover protection

A cover can be installed on the robot forearm for additional protection.



TX250 paint

Maximum load*

10 kg

Nominal load

5 kg

Payload in forearm

8 kg

Maximum horizontal reach

2547.5 mm

Degrees of freedom


Working areas

Europe (CE)
Pending for USA/Canada (cCSAus) and Japan (TIIS)

Arm mounting options


Stäubli CS8 series controller

CS8C paint

* With specific configuration. Please consult Stäubli.