Stäubli: an international group serving all industrial sectors

Stäubli is a mechatronics solutions provider with three dedicated divisions: Textile, Connectors and Robotics, serving customers who want to increase their productivity in many industrial sectors. With a global workforce of over 4,500, the company generates annual turnover surpassing 1 billion Swiss francs. Originally founded in 1892 as a small workshop in Horgen/Zurich, today Stäubli is an international group headquartered in Pfäffikon, Switzerland, delivering innovative solutions to all industrial sectors around the world.

Global presence

  • 12 industrial production sites, including Stäubli Group companies Multi-Contact and Schönherr.
  • Presence in 25 countries with sales and customer service subsidiaries.
  • Agents in 50 countries.

Mission and vision

Innovation is Stäubli’s driving force. In our constant search for excellence, we expand our expertise and experience in mechatronics by designing, producing, selling and providing support for products and systems in markets where high productivity levels are essential.

    Customer focus

    Stäubli asserts its position as a global innovator by: 

    • Offering customers the best products and services in terms of both quality and performance.
    • Actively supporting initiatives aimed at improving products and services.
    • Maintaining synergy between the needs of customers, suppliers, shareholders, staff and environmental concerns.

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    About our divisions: three activities - one Group

    Textile machinery

    Stäubli has been developing and producing high quality systems for the weaving industry since 1892. The Group provides innovative, technological solutions that satisfy a wide range of clients.

    Frame weaving

    Stäubli shedding systems for frameweavers (cam motions and dobbies) enable the production of all kinds of woven fabrics ranging from simple patterns to technical fabrics and sophisticated designs.

    Jacquard weaving

    A full range of Jacquard machines is available for weaving garments, furnishing fabrics, terry towelling, labels or other fabrics – especially those featuring sophisticated patterns. Jacquard installations are rounded off by tailor-made Jacquard harnesses.

    Weaving preparation

    Automatic drawing-in machines draw the warp threads into the weaving frame and facilitate fast and efficient article changes. Warp tying and leasing installations contribute to higher flexibility, productivity and weaving quality. The components of the UNI-LINK system complete tying, leasing and drawing-in installations and further optimize process rationalization.

    Carpet weaving

    Schönherr carpet machines provide maximum flexibility for the production of all types of single- or double-face pile or loop carpets. The double-gripper carpet weaving machines are equipped with Stäubli cam motion or dobby mechanisms and Jacquard machines.


    As one of the leading manufacturers of quick connector systems, Stäubli covers connection needs for all types of fluids, gases and electrical power. These standard or specific products (single and multi-connectors, tool changers, quick mold change systems) combine performance, quality, safety, dependability and durability.

    All fluids

    Stäubli connectors are modular in design and can handle an extensive range of fluids, pressures, temperatures, vacuum and challenging work environments. Typical applications include compressed air, breathing air, hydraulics, alternative energy, fluids and gas.

    Tool change systems

    A complete range of tool change systems combining optimized productivity and a high level of safety.

    Electrical power and data

    Stäubli Electrical Connectors develops and produces countless variations of electrical connectors for power, data transfer, fiber optics, coaxial applications and photovoltaics.

    Environmental responsibility and safety features

    Leak-proof and reliable, Stäubli connectors satisfy the highest safety standards. The safety mechanism, pioneered by Stäubli, prevents many accidents in the workplace. The "drip-proof" technology, used in most product ranges, helps to keep working environments pollution-free.

    Applications for any industry

    Clients in a wide range of industries rely on Stäubli’s solutions and services:

    AutomotiveRailwayNuclearMachine toolsPlasticsSteelAlternative fuelsOil and gasChemicalMotorsportsDefense and aerospace


    Featuring high productivity, speed and precision, Stäubli robots offer solutions for all industries. Our comprehensive product range includes extremely fast picker robots, 4-axis robots as well as 6-axis robots. We also provide controllers, software and professional applications of unrivaled quality and performance.

    Industrial robots

    Stäubli offers a complete range of robots designed to handle up to 190 kg payload. This includes robots dedicated to a wide range of applications: assembly, cutting, machining, painting, packaging, palletizing, polishing and many more.


    Stäubli CS8 controllers provide a control platform for the entire range of Stäubli robots.


    The VAL3 software workbench is a unified system enabling all of your robotic solutions to speak the same language.

    Robotics for precision and productivity in any industry

    Typical applications of Stäubli robots beyond general industry include:

    Electronics and photovoltaicsFoodLife sciences/pharmaceutical/medicalMachining and machine tendingPlasticsPaintMany more
    Stäubli robots perform under the most extreme conditions, ranging from subclass 1 clean rooms to very demanding environments involving explosives and dust as well as food processing and other environments requiring the maintenance of strict sterility standards.