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Robotic tool changers:
Load capacity

Stäubli offers a complete range of robotic tool changing systems for payloads of 20 kg to 1,530 kg and torsion moments from 30 to 12,500 Nm, designed for use in virtually every industry. The tool changers adapt to customer-specific applications with different modules for media, data, power, etc.

MPS 125

Payload: 125 Kg
Bending Moment: 560 Nm
Torsion Moment: 1,430 Nm

MPS 630

Payload: 630 Kg
Bending Moment: 5,000 Nm
Torsion Moment: 5,000 Nm

MPS 1530

Payload: 1,530 Kg
Bending Moment: 12,500 Nm
Torsion Moment: 12,500 Nm