Non-spill quick couplings SBA

Our high-resistance SBA couplings allow a steady, direct flow of fluid without any turbulence or breaks in the stream. Reliable locking is ensured by a robust locking mechanism with a high number of large cross-section balls. All sealing faces and seals are protected from external impact.

Applications: Hydraulic oil circuits - connection of hydraulic components on static and dynamic test benches; connections of pumps, cylinders and directional control valves

Technical specifications

  • Bore diameters (mm): 08 – 11 – 12 – 15
  • Max. working pressure (bar): 450
  • Operating temperatures (°C): -15 to +150




  • Main parts made from chrome steel and carbon steel
  • Treated for corrosion protection

Other features

  • Colored rings for instant visual circuit identification
  • Connection under residual pressure (optional)
  • Panel-mounted version available.