Quick couplings for hydraulics
High resistance to all types of pressure

Stäubli’s hydraulic quick couplings offer a higher level of performance and technology, guaranteeing optimum flow of fluids and flawless environmental and circuit integrity. Our couplings also deliver a high degree of resistance, thanks to smart design as well as robust and reliable materials, seals and locking mechanisms, whether you require a low, medium or high pressure solution.

MPX - Non-spill medium pressure

DN from 06 to 25 mm
Max. P up to 315 bar*

CBX – Non-spill high pressure

DN from 03 to 16 mm
Max. P up to 450 bar*

SPX - Non-spill high pressure

DN from 06 to 16 mm
Max. P up to 450 bar*

HPX - Heavy duty non-spill

DN from 08 to 33 mm
Max. P up to 500 bar*

THL - High pressure test bench couplings

DN 2.5 mm
Max. P up to 1,000 bar* (in connected position)

SBA - High resistance

DN from 08 to 15 mm
Max. P up to 450 bar*

Market solutions

SPI - Railway

DN from 03 to 09 mm
Max. P up to 160 bar*

SPH/BA for motorsports - Clean break

DN from 03 to 16 mm
Max. P up to 350 bar*

HPR for motorsports – High pressure

DN from 02 to 04 mm
Max. P up to 350 bar*

*depending on the model and operating conditions