Quick release refueling system for motorsports CAF

Featuring clean break, non-spill technology and a sequenced connection system, our CAF refueling system offers maximum safety and speed during refueling operations, along with optimum efficiency and ergonomic handling. On the vehicle side, a lightweight, compact plug fits perfectly into the car or motorcycle’s fuel tank. The system is also highly versatile, being designed to adapt to various types of installation configurations.

Applications: Refueling of cars and motorcycles during races

Technical specifications

  • Nominal diameters (mm): 20
  • Max. working pressure (bar)*: up to 6


Ethanol, fuels


  • Aluminum (main material)
  • Bottle: Polyethylene
  • Seals: JKV (socket side) and JV (plug side)

Other features

Bottles available in 10- and 25-liter sizes

*depending on the model and operating conditions