Quick couplings and refueling systems for fuels
High resistance to oil, pressure and vibration

Stäubli offers connection solutions for every type of fuel, filling mode and vehicle, including light and heavy duty vehicles and aircraft refueling vehicles, allowing the safe connection of a wide range of circuits. Our products include solutions for NGV, LPG and hydrogen, aircraft auxiliary fueling units, distribution units, collapsible storage tanks and mobile fueling systems.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Refueling systems for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) vehicles

Natural Gas Vehicles

Refueling systems for Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV/CNG)

Fuel-cell electric vehicles

Refueling systems to refill hydrogen into electric vehicles fitted with a fuel-cell.

DMR - Full flow

DN from 06 to 37 mm
Max. P up to 30 bar*

Market solutions

SPT for motorsports – Non-spill

DN from 05 to 12 mm
Max. P up to 40 bar*

SPH/BA for motorsports - Non-spill

DN from 03 to 16 mm
Max. P up to 350 bar*

*depending on the model and operating conditions