Quick release couplings for fluids and gases
A complete modular system

Stäubli’s quick connectors for fluids and gases consist of a full range of products that takes into account the distinct characteristics of the fluid or gas being handled, offering a wide variety of seals, numerous valving and locking technologies, as well as additional options such as key coding and end connections. We guarantee superior performance, tightness and compactness, with just the right products to match your requirements.

RBE – Modular

DN from 03 to 19 mm
Max. P up to 450 bar*

HCB – Non spill 316L

DN from 03 to 20 mm
Max. P up to 350 bar*

NCB – Clean break 316L

DN from 04 to 20 mm
Max. P up to 160 bar*

MCB – Non spill 316L

DN from 03 to 16 mm
Max. P up to 100 bar*

RBL – High pressure stainless steel

DN from 03 to 11 mm
Max. P up to 450 bar*

UPA – UPB - Full flow all stainless steel couplings

UPA DN from 06 to 20 mm
UPB DN from 25 to 50 mm
Max. P up to 30 bar*

GPL – Full flow

DN from 25 to 50 mm
Max. P up to 10 bar*

Market solutions

RBE TM for remote handling

DN from 03 to 25 mm
Max. P up to 400 bar*

*depending on the model and operating conditions