Quick couplings for filling and draining
A range of couplings, from full flow to clean-break

With an emphasis on safe handling and environmental friendliness, Stäubli offers quick coupling systems for filling and draining connections to meet the needs of numerous industries including automotive, motorsports, chemical and more. Featuring high flow rates for quick filling, our couplings are also an excellent choice for applications such as unloading wagons, cisterns and tanks, as well as filling and draining drums.

HCB large diameter

DN from 40 to 80 mm
Max. P up to 50 bar*

DMR – Full flow

DN from 06 to 37 mm
Max. P up to 30 bar*

UPA - UPB – Full flow all stainless steel couplings

UPA DN from 06 to 20 mm
UPB DN from 25 to 50 mm
Max. P up to 30 bar*

HCB – Non-spill 316L

DN from 03 to 16 mm
Max. P up to 300 bar*

RBE – Modular

DN from 03 to 19 mm
Max. P up to 450 bar*

Market solutions

SPM for motorsports

DN from 08 to 12 mm
Max. P up to 8 bar*

RPE for engine testing

DN from 03 to 65 mm
Max. P up to 3 bar*

*depending on the model and operating conditions