Quick release couplings for temperature control and thermal management

Stäubli has a range of couplings for temperature control and thermal management, from full flow couplings to clean-break quick release, to meet the requirements of all industries. Non-spill flat face design ensures safety for a number of industrial processes, such as cooling of electronics, machinery and molds, whether your applications involve connecting cold or hot water, mineral or synthetic heat transfer oils.

HTI – High temperature

Ø: 09 - 12 mm
Max. P.: 12 bar

SPT – Non-spill

Ø 05-08-10-12-17-20-25 mm
Max. P.: 80 bar

SPH/BA/CG – Clean break

Ø 03-05-08-10-12-16 mm
Max. P.: 80 bar


RME - Double shutoff

Ø 06-09-12-16-20-25 mm
Max. P.: 16 bar

CGO CGD – Self aligning

Ø 03-05-08-12 mm
Max.P.: 16 bar


RPL - Full flow

Ø 06-08-12 mm
Max. P.: 10 bar


CBI - Clean-break

Ø 03-06-09-12-16-25 mm
Max. P.: 50 bar

RMI – Single or double shutoff

Ø 06-09-12-16-20-25-37 mm
Max. P.: 16 bar


GPL - Full flow

Ø 25-33-50 mm
Max. P.: 10 bar


NCI - Distribution manifold

Stäubli offers solutions specifically designed to optimize the safety and efficiency of your applications.


RME for railway

Ø 06-09-12-16-20-25 mm
Max. P.: 16 bar 

SPT for railway

Ø 05-08-10-12-17-20-25 mm
Max. P.: 80 bar 

DMR for motorsports – Full flow

Ø 06 – 10 – 17 – 25 – 32 – 37 mm
Max. P.: 30 bar