Quick release couplings and accessories for compressed air: Superior safety and performance

Stäubli's comprehensive line of connection solutions for compressed air offers a number of distinct advantages. High quality materials deliver optimum connector performance and tightness that you can rely on, along with high guaranteed flow rate in all compressed air circuits. Safety is of utmost importance, and integral to our product design at all levels - during connection, operation and disconnection. Our couplings also minimize stress on the operator, thanks to ergonomic design and lightweight materials.

Solutions for compressed air networks

RCS - Safety

DN from 06 to 11 mm
Max. P up to 16 bar*

RSI - Active safety

DN from 06 to 11 mm
Max. P up to 16 bar*

ADS - High flow safety

DN from 11 to 19 mm
Max. P up to 15 bar*

ERS – Non-scratch

DN from 06 to 08 mm
Max P up to 12 bar*

NSI - Non-scratch active safety

DN from 06 to 08 mm
Max. P up to 12 bar*

RBS – Stainless steel

DN from 06 to 11 mm
Max. P up to 16 bar*

SBG – Compact blowing

Plug DN 06 mm
Max. P. up to 12 bar*

PML – Blowing unit with steel blowgun

Tube DN from 5x8 mm to 6.5x10 mm
Max. P up to 10 bar*

HJP – Connection unit

Tube DN from 8x12 mm to 11x16 mm
Max. P up to 10 bar*

MCR - Micro

DN 2 mm
Max. P up to 10  bar*

MRA - Mini

DN 04 mm
Max. P up to 250 bar*

FRL – Air treatment unit

Fittings: G 1/4, G1/2 or G 1
Max. P up to 16 bar*

FSB – Submicronic filter

Fittings: G 1/4 or G3
Max. P up to 16 bar*

ETO/ETF – Hose reel

Hoses DN from 8 to 16
Max. P up to 20 bar*

HEC - Balancing and supply units

Fittings: G 1/4, G 3/8
Max. P up to 10 bar*

Market solutions

GPL for railway

DN from 15 to 33 mm
Max. P up to 10 bar* 

RTD for railway

DN from 11 to 19 mm
Max. P up to 10 bar* 

SPI/OS for railway

DN from 06 to 09 mm
Max. P up to 10 bar*

Hose assemblies for railway

Flexible hoses equipped with quick couplings

ADS for nuclear

DN 11 mm
Max. P up to 15 bar*

*depending on the model and operating conditions

Online demonstration: anti-hose whip safety

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