Breathing air supply lines for all personal protective equipment
Quick couplings, hoses, filters and more

Understanding that breathing air lines are true life lines, Stäubli regularly ensures compliance with standards EN 12021, EN 14594 and EN 14593. Our breathing air products are further enhanced by 50+ years of expertise in fluid connection technology and deep understanding of a broad range of breathing air applications. Maintaining the strictest safety standards and building on solid expertise, we take your individual needs and environment into account, offering a comprehensive range of solutions incorporating supply, connection, filtering and distribution functions.

AQR – Safety quick couplings

DN from 5 to 17 mm
Max. P up to 10 bar*

TQR – End fitting equipped hose

Inside DN from 10 to 19 mm
Max. P up to 10 bar*

HQR – Coiled hoses

DN 9 mm
Max. P up to 10 bar*

EQR – Hose reel

Automatic and manual open drum hose reel.

DQR – Manifold unit

Simultaneous supply of breathing air to various personal protective equipment

*depending on the model and operating conditions